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About our Products

Lifeline manufacture high quality treatment systems, designed for safe, reliable and environmentally friendly disinfection of water supplies.  

Our UV disinfection systems combine the best available technology with precision engineered manufacturing processes to deliver high quality non-chemical water treatment for all industrial, commercial and domestic applications. 

We offer a comprehensive range of WRAS approved systems from our Lifeline UV units with basic controller functions to our third party validated PQ systems, designed to meet the most stringent of safety standards for the food, beverage and industrial process markets. 

All Lifeline systems use our innovative reactor design and amalgam lamp technology to deliver the ultimate combination of a high bacteria kill rate, low power consumption, minimal pressure drop and long lifespan when compared to low pressure alternative.

Choosing Lifeline UV

Chemical Free Disinfection:

Lifeline UV is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical treatments like Chlorine Dioxide dosing. Choosing our units means there is no waste product, no need for chemical storage, no risk of dosing errors, the taste and colour of processed water is unaffected and it even disinfects against bacteria that are highly resistant to chemical treatments (including Cryptosporidium and Giardia).

Design Flexibility:

Our range has been designed to offer configurations to meet every requirement. Clients can choose between our standard and PQ range, opt for one of three types of controller, add optional extras and install in either a horizontal or vertical orientation.

Cutting Edge Technology:

Lifeline UV uses the only Amalgam lamps designed and manufactured in the UK. They offer improved efficiency and a wider operating temperature range than low pressure alternatives and benefit from an operating life of up to 12000 hours.

Validation & Approvals:

All Lifeline UV systems are WRAS approved and our PQ range has been validated by third party testing in accordance with USEPA UV Disinfection Guidance.

Manufacturing Quality:

Lifeline UV are manufactured at an ISO9001 facility. All systems go through stringent quality checks and come supplied with relevant documentation.

Technical Expertise:

Lifeline UV is distributed by Lifescience Products Ltd, one of the UK’s leading water treatment manufacturers. Whether you’re a developer, architect, consultant, contractor, installer, plumbing merchant or private individual; Lifescience has the products and support that you need.

Sizing Tables

Correct sizing of your Lifeline UV will depend on your specific requirements, water source and water quality. For guidance refer to performance table below or, for more detailed product information, please refer to the unit data sheets on our information page:

Product Specification Table

Configurations, Accessories and Spares

All Lifeline UV systems are supplied with a controller and an over temperature sensor as standard. We also offer a full range of spares and accessories including UV lamps and associated parts, quartz sleeves, replacement sensors and wiper systems.

To accommodate a variety of installation requirements we’re able to supply three controller options: 

Basic Controller

RC/RCM Controller

Basic:  Controller with lamp on indicator, lamp fail indicator and lamp on VFC output

RC:  Controller with LCD text display, power indicator, lamp on VFC output, reset button and remote start/stop

RCM:  Upgraded version of RC controller with the added functionality of relative intensity display, a low UV VFC output and 4-20mA UV Intensity output

All controller options use IP65 rated steel enclosures and provide outputs that can be linked to a building management or SCADA system.

The RCM controller enables the continuous monitoring of UV intensity delivered by the chamber, for added peace of mind. UV intensity is displayed on the screen as a percentage of the intensity of a new lamp. The intensity output is also available as a 4-20mA passive output that can be linked to an external SCADA system.

UV Monitor

Suggested Specification

A Lifeline UV system with 1 amalgam lamp shall be installed to provide non-chemical disinfection of the domestic water supply. 

The unit will be sized according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and comes with 316L stainless steel chamber, IP65 rated control cabinet, over temperature sensor and 5m of interconnecting cables. 

All units to be WRAS approved. 

PQ Range

The Lifeline PQ range offers UV disinfection systems that have been performance qualified through third party validation for the ultimate assurance of quality.  

Whilst each system is based on the cutting edge design of its equivalent standard model, the PQ version has been specially adapted to offer an enhanced level of bio-security for the most demanding of environments: 

  • Integration of a DVGW approved dry UV sensor measuring germicidal wavelengths allows for continuous verification of performance with real time RED dose readings and an in-built low dose warning alarm.  
  • Flow and UVT meter inputs provide dose readings based on actual process conditions to ensure accuracy is guaranteed under a wide range of operating conditions. 
  • Utilising High quality FDA approved manufacturing materials and upgraded monitoring technology the PQ range is designed to meet the stringent safety requirements of the food and beverage industry. 
  • Upgraded system driver in the IP66 rated RCM controller enables over temperature sensors to be fitted with a dump valve.
  • Each system is WRAS approved, third party validated in accordance with USEPA UV Disinfection Guidance and supplied with a DVGW approved dry UV sensor for measuring germicidal wavelengths.

For more information and sizing tables,
please refer to Lifeline UV PQ Range.