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Maintenance Requirements

During normal operation all UV disinfection systems will require periodic replacement of the UV lamp. Lifeline UV integrate advanced amalgam lamp technology into all of our commercial units to offer improved efficiency, a wider operating temperature range and a longer lifespan than typical low pressure alternatives. Each Lifeline unit requires only a single lamp which has an expected design life of 12,000 hours*.

When replacing a UV lamp replacement quartz sleeves and O-rings are also available as standard spares, where required.

In order to ensure optimal performance pre-filtration should be considered to improve the UV transmission rate of the feed water and to help keep the quartz sleeve clear from fouling. Most Lifeline UV systems can be fitted with an optional wiper system to protect the quartz sleeve and reduce the need for on-site maintenance.

We also strongly recommend those installing UV disinfection systems in hard water areas consider installing suitable limescale prevention technology to help protect against scaling of the quartz sleeve. Lifescience Products Ltd, distributor of Lifeline UV, offer the market leading Water-King physical water conditioner, which is designed as a fit and forget alternative to chemical softeners. For further information please click here. 

* The Lifeline UV 00149 model, designed for smaller domestic applications, uses a low pressure lamp with a 9000 hour lifespan.


Lifeline offers a full range of spares and accessories. From replacement lamps, quartz sleeves, seals and UV monitors to optional extras like wiper systems; whatever you need we’ve got it covered.

Lifeline UV Spares List

For more information, spares codes and pricing please click on the link above. If you need further product information or to discuss lead times, please contact our sales office.

Amalgam Lamps are available as spares


We recommend installing UV disinfection units downstream of storage tanks on the cold water distribution system, as close to the point of use as possible.

Care should be taken to ensure that the UV chamber is installed in the correct orientation and that sufficient clearance is allowed for the replacement of lamps and quartz sleeves.

Where required Lifeline UV systems can be supplied with WRAS approved manual and automatic reverse rinsing filters. Contact our sales office for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I specify a Lifeline UV systems?

Where plumbing system designers and public health/mechanical engineers are looking to specify a UV disinfection system we recommend the following text:

A Lifeline UV system with 1 amalgam lamp shall be installed to provide non-chemical disinfection of the domestic water supply.  The unit will be sized according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and comes with 316L stainless steel chamber, IP65 rated control cabinet, over temperature sensor and 5m of interconnecting cables.  All units to be WRAS approved. 

Should I use Average Dose or RED Dose?

Average Dose values assume that all microbes passing through a UV chamber see the same light intensity for the same amount of time whereas RED Dose is based on actual performance, directly measuring inactivity rates.  

Because of its greater accuracy our recommendation is to use RED Dose although we’re able to size units using on both measures.

For our third party validated PQ range we only use RED Dose.

Where Should I Install a Unit?

We recommend installing UV disinfection systems downstream of storage tanks on the cold water distribution system, as close to the point of use as possible.

Can I Fit a Bypass?

We do not recommend installing a UV disinfection unit with a bypass.  UV disinfection is a point of use technology that provides protection against harmful pathogens as the water passes through the chamber.  If pathogens held in the water can circumnavigate the UV via a bypass they’ll be able to spread downstream of the unit.

How Long Will It Last?

Lifeline UV systems are designed to deliver long term, effective and reliable disinfection of process water.  During the lifespan of the product periodic replacement of the UV lamp will be required.  The expected life of amalgam lamp technology is 12000 hours. 

Do I Need a Pre-Filter?

For UV disinfection to be effective, water must be clear and relatively free of dissolved substances.  We recommend a minimum UV transmission (UVT) rate of 80% for UV disinfection to be practical.  For sizing purposes we assume most applications using a mains water supply will have a minimum UVT value of 95%.

Where UVT values are low we recommend suitable pre-filtration be installed to help improve UVT values.   Please contact our sales department for further information

What’s the difference between UV Disinfection and Chlorine Dioxide Dosing?

As UV disinfection is an entirely physical phenomenon there are environmental and safety benefits to using one of our systems in place of a chemical treatment.  There’s no waste product, no requirement for storage of harmful chemicals and no risk of chemical exposure or improper dosing.  The taste and colour of UV processed water isn’t affected and, what’s more, using a Lifeline UV system will protect against organisms that are highly resistant to chemical treatments, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.